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What is adobe bridge in photoshop?

Adobe Bridge is a companion program for Photoshop. Bridge is often referred to as a digital asset manager, or a media manager. It's because Adobe B...

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Adobe Bridge

How do i resize an image before printing?

What is the best way to enlarge a photo before printing it?Type "Paint" into the Windows Start menu. When the "Paint" icon appears, click it to lau...

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Image Processing

How do you smooth on photoshop?

Step 1: Make A Copy Of The Image.Step 2: Select The Spot Healing Brush.Set the Spot Healing Brush to "Content-Aware"Click on the skin blemishes to ...

What is adobe bridge used for?

Adobe Bridge is a powerful and easy to use software that lets you view and organize the files by renaming a group of them at once or by assigning c...

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How do you add rain effect in photoshop?

Add Rain PhotoshopCreate A New Blank Layer. The Layers panel shows the image on the Background layer. Start by adding a new blank layer.Fill The Ne...

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Double Exposure

Can you add rain in photoshop?

Photoshop tips on adding rain to photosIn order to keep the rain effect separate from the original image, we will add it on a new layer above the i...

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Double Exposure

How do you add light rays in photoshop?

Add Light Rays to a Photo in Photoshop Open the file "Forest". This will be our base from which to create the light ray effect.Step 2: We need some...

How to add vignette in photoshop?

Open the Lens Correction Window. Choose “Lens Correction...” from the Filter menu. Open the photo you wish to use for the vignette effect.The next ...